Dog & Beth: Looking For Trouble

Join the legendary Dog The Bounty Hunter and his gutsy wife, Beth, as they drop truth bombs with their unique take on topics from breaking news and scandals to the inside dope on celebrities and even relationship advice. Dog and Beth take no prisoners and tell it like it is, with help from their famous friends and family, dishing out tough love and the cold, hard facts of life. Spend some time on a ride along with Dog and Beth while they hit the airwaves, looking for trouble!



Dog takes the show alone again and tells the story of why he went to jail and how it made him the man he is today. He then give an update on how Beth is doing.

00:53:26 10/30/2017

Past Episodes

Dog takes the show alone again and talks with Kyle Quilly Quilausing about his journey from a life of crime to becoming a sober, motivational person to everyone he encounters. #StayHumblePray
00:36:33 10/23/2017
Dog takes the show alone again and talks with Breitbart news correspondent Brandon Darby about the current state of the Mexican border and the cartel. He then tells a story about a situation he had to deal with at the border and a quick update on Beth.
00:47:03 10/16/2017
Dog is joined by "Celebrity Bodyguard" Corey and the manager for Carrot Top, Jeff Molitz, who both were in Las Vegas during the mass shooting. Dog gives everyone an update on Beth's health.
00:45:01 10/9/2017
Dog does the show by himself and takes some listener questions and calls. Dog discusses the struggle that Beth is going through.
01:11:02 10/2/2017
Dog and Beth talk with their friend Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson regarding bail reform and how the Reverend was kicked out of his gym for being a Trump supporter!
01:09:40 9/25/2017
Dog and Beth talk with their friend Jesse James about the flood in Houston, family and how Jesse has reinvented himself time and time again!
01:07:00 9/11/2017
Dog and Beth talk with their friend Tim Storey. Tim is an acclaimed author, speaker and life coach known for inspiring and motivating people of all walks of life.
01:01:00 9/4/2017
Dog and Beth speak with friend and country music icon Tanya Tucker about the passing of Glen Campbell.
01:01:00 8/28/2017
Dog and Beth talk with their son Leland and take calls from listeners!
00:40:00 8/21/2017
Dog & Beth talk to California Assemblyman Travis Allen.
00:55:57 8/14/2017

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