City vs. Country

Stop swiping, delete your Tinder, close your Bumble account, Fitz is your new matchmaker. Northwest singles call us to be set up. Fitz gives them the option of a City date, or a Country date. They can only pick one!


City vs. Country

Smell Ya Later!

Taylor is a single gal from West Seattle who is looking for someone new. We introduce her to two nice local guys - Country Boy Henry from Kent and City Boy Tim from Redmond - and they need to be on their game because Taylor works in HR so she knows a lot about human nature! Henry is a personal trainer and is an out-doorsy type but since the weather might be dicey he suggests an "indoor" outdoor activity and so wants to go to iFly for some skydiving! Being a Country Boy he also loves his BBQ and suggests heading over to Famous Dave's afterwards and after that maybe some fun hole-in-the-wall bars. City Boy Tim works for Microsoft and says he enjoys the "finer things in life" but he really wants to embrace Friday the 13th! He suggests going to the iPic movie to see "It Chapter 2". And he says afterward they will hit Molly Moons for some ice cream and if the clouds clear a bit, they can check out the Harvest Moon! Taylor asks some good questions which leads to some discussion about faith, family, and, um, fragrance. So which guy will she pick? And which form of terror: skydiving or clowns?
00:16:13 9/16/2019

Past Episodes

Matt from Mill Creek is an electrician who's been catfished before so he wants to meet girls the old fashioned way: face to face. We introduce him to Country Girl Christie from Puyallup and City Girl Alana who lives in Fremont. Country Girl Christie wants to show Matt the true Washington State Fair experience from a real Puyallup native. She has friends at all the booths and can show him the real food, games and rides. Plus they will go to the Rodeo and then the Dancing in the Dirt Concert with the Cadillac 3. But City Girl Alana has a pretty hot ticket too: she and two of her girls have an extra ticket the Seahawks opener on Sunday. She says her girl gang knows how to do it right with a few tailgates including Hawk Alley. And if they don't party too hard during the game they could hit Elysian or some others bars afterward. Which girl would you pick? Which one does Matt pick? And which date will involve more things on sticks?
00:12:39 9/9/2019
Dale is a writer who lives in Kent. He's 34 and has never found the right girl. He admits he is tired of dating City girls, finding them kind of "stuck up", and so is already leaning toward a Country girl, but has agreed to keep an open mind. Today he gets the choice between Country Girl Kate from Spanaway and City Girl Hillary from Kirkland. Kate suggests a day on her boat on American Lake and then a BBQ at her family's house. Kate says her dad is an awesome pit master and they have a big BBQ every week with her big family and lots of friends, so Dale would be more than welcome at the family gathering. City Girl Hillary also works in writing and publishing so she thinks they would have a lot to talk about and suggests doing that over margaritas. But not to be outdone by Country Girl Kate, Hillary also has access to a boat which she says they could take out to the Sound for a night cruise....and she describes her bikini choice. So, which will Dale choose: first date with the entire family or first date with stars and a bikini?
00:12:48 9/2/2019
Ashley from Bothell is a nurse who says dating apps have taken all the mystery out of the process and she wants to try something more spontaneous. We offer her a choice between Country Boy Charles, who is from Kent, and City Boy Nick, who is also from Kent. Charles suggests tubing on down the river and then some BBQ. When Ashley says she can't swim, Charles doesn't seem too concerned about that and doesn't suggest much in the way of a plan B although he says they can do something else "outdoorsy". City Boy Nick wants to get out of Kent, hop the Sounder to Seattle and go bar hopping. The guys are not terribly detail-oriented and Ashley seems a little lukewarm on both of them, as are the P1s, several of whom offer themselves as alternatives! She does pick one, reluctantly, and they went out. We did not have high hopes to be honest but when we revisited Monday morning, Ashely says the guy she chose ended up being much more interesting in person than he was on the phone. We, however are not super convinced...
00:13:54 8/26/2019
Robert from Sumner is a cable installation technician for a "major cable company". He's looking to meet some new people in the area. He meets City Girl Trish from Tacoma and Country Girl Lisa from Maple Valley. Lisa says she has a 1965 mustang convertible that she likes to drive on weekends and invites Robert to come along for a day trip along the North Cascades Highway. She might even let him drive it! City Girl Trish suggests going to the Tacoma Food Truck Festival where they can chat and try different foods and people-watch. And she says if Robert really likes classic cars, there is also a classic car show this weekend where they can walk around and check them out. Things get a little weird when Robert starts asking them random questions about themselves....he seems awfully obsessed with grilled cheese. But he did choose one of the ladies and they did go on the date - although it ended up with an unexpected adventure.
00:13:57 8/19/2019
Christine is a single girl from Puyallup who's had a tough time meeting good guys. We have given her a choice between Country Boy Ron from Yelm and City Boy Adam from Issaquah. Ron wants to take her to the Morton Loggers Jubilee which is something in which his family has participated for many years as a logging family. He promises a very nice, mellow, easy-going time with food and crafts and beer and probably meeting his family. City Boy Adam has tickets to the Broadway show "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" at the Paramount Theater in Seattle. And he suggests before going to the show, they head over to Boehm's Chocolate in Issaquah and take a brief tour and eat a bunch of chocolate. The P1's aren't particularly thrilled with either guy, but Christine says going to the play is something she would normally do and she wants something different so she chooses Country Boy Ron and the Morton Logger's Jubilee. We know they met up - by how did it go?
00:14:59 8/12/2019
On Friday, we met Vanessa from Kent: a receptionist at an insurance company who came on the show to choose between City Boy Thomas from Redmond and Country Boy Carl from Shelton. Thomas thought he had this one all wrapped up because he had passes to Watershed and a room at the winery next store to the Gorge. But it turns out Carl also had Watershed passes with plans to camp out in General Camping. In the end, Vanessa chose Country Boy Carl and Camping. We actually did see them for a bit on Saturday when they stopped by the Bull Tent at Watershed. She was looking a little crispy so we gave her some BS (Bull Sunscreen). They called in this morning to give us an update on how the weekend progressed. What was it like sharing a tent with a stranger? Did they see any shows? And how did Vanessa get some aloe on that epic sunburn?
00:06:00 8/5/2019
Vanessa from Kent is a receptionist at an insurance company. She gets the chance to choose between City Boy Thomas from Redmond and Country Boy Carl from Shelton. Thomas thinks he's got this one all wrapped up because he has passes to Watershed and a room at the Winery next store to the Gorge. He is going with a group of friends so she could join along. But it turns out Carl also has Watershed passes and he plans on camping out in General with just her. (By the way, we are all a little concerned because it seems like neither of these guys has ever been to Watershed, but everyone seems pretty stoked for it!) So Vanessa faces not just the choice of City Boy vs Country Boy, but also hotel room vs tent, and group date vs solo date, three hours from home. So which guy will she pick? And will they actually meet up? And will any of them use sunscreen?
00:09:52 8/2/2019
Single Guy David from Enumclaw has written to Fitz saying he is ready to meet someone new. We have offered him a choice between City Girl Becca from the Seattle neighborhood of Ravenna and Country Girl Kristi from Marysville. Becca has tickets to some kind of crazy 1920's party on a boat so she proposes a day of thrifting for crazy clothes, enjoying the boat ride with food and jazz, and then going to 13 Coins for some all-night people watching. But Kristi suggests that's too much stuff and what David really needs is a nice, chill Country night of downhome food and drinks at Loco Billy's followed by a little star-gazing. David has said he wants to do something more than his "regular old Country lifestyle" but Country Girl Kristi does give a good pitch, as does City Girl Becca. So who will David pick? And will they actually go through with the date?
00:12:30 7/29/2019
Bob from Burien is looking to meet someone new. He is in his 40's, with no kids and no "baggage" and has a great job as an Air Traffic Controller at SeaTac. He gets to choose between City Girl Leslie from Olympia and Country Girl Amber from Bonney Lake. City Girl Leslie wants to show him Olympia's best pubs so she suggests an evening of bar-hopping with different styles of ambiance, food, and drinks. Country Girl Amber happens to be house-sitting this weekend at a house on Lake Tapps, so she suggests a day of boating, wakeboarding, grilling on the big ole porch and cold beer on the deck. Bob tries pretty hard to get them both, but this is City vs Country, not City AND Country, so he has to make a choice! Did he choose pub crawling in the Capitol, or grilling and chilling on The Lake? did it go? Fasten your seatbelts - this could get a little bumpy.
00:11:16 7/22/2019
Matt from Kent is our latest bachelor up to meet a City girl and a Country girl. He is a graphic artist who says he's 6ft tall, and a self-described "pretty cool dude" We introduce Matt, short for Matthew to Amanda from Greenwood. She's our City girl and her date has the two of them taking a romantic paddle boat trip and a picnic with some bubbly. After that she wants to take an Uber to a club for some cocktails and night life. Not to be outdone by a boat, our Country Girl Christina from Mukilteo says she's taking Matt straight to the shooting range. This farm raised country girl says you've got to kill your own food to earn it. And She'll even clean it and grill if for Matt if he chooses her. Will Matt pick a romantic date on the water with our City girl, or will he take up arms with our Country girl? And will he make a connection with the one he picks? Find out right here in the complete episode.
00:12:37 7/15/2019

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