Chad's World with Chad Johnson

Join everyone's favorite Bachelor villain every week for real, unfiltered, and funny talk with his cast of reality TV friends! In Chad's world, you get dating tips, fitness advice, and business ideas from a true serial entrepreneur. Get ready to laugh now and maybe cry later with real interviews and stories from the inner reality TV circles. The world is a playground, and Chad is pushing the swing.


Chad's World with Chad Johnson

Bachelor Superstar Alex Sparrow

In this episode Chad is joined by Russian Bachelor Superstar Alex Sparrow. As an actor, singer and musician, and best known for his role as Alexi Petrov on Lifetime's UNREAL (seasons 3 and 4), Alex Sparrow has become viral all over the world, and collected more than 600 million views on Facebook, and over 300 million on YouTube. Chad compares the US version to the Russian and talks to Alex about his personal love life and secrets to success. This is a no holds barred conversation is a must download.
01:45:02 12/13/2018

Past Episodes

Chad is joined by former Bachelor contestant and reality star James Taylor. While he is working on his new country music album the two discuss the transition between reality TV and real life. Plus James reveals some people in the industry that he does not like. Get ready! Download now and hear Chads great knowledge.
00:59:53 12/6/2018
Chad talks with Dr. V! Dr Venus Nicolino host of TV's Marriage Boot Camp and expert in human communication and relationships. The tables are turned as Dr. V dives into Chads personal life to talk about his relationships, bold dating style, and the Bachelor. They talk about the new Bachelor host Colton and why he may not be ready for the show, plus find out why Dr. V and Chad are calling out the Bachelors Ashley and Jared.
00:56:18 11/29/2018
Let's talk about sex! Chad is joined by Loveline hosts Dr. Chris Donaghue and Carrie Keagan. They're talking butt play, sniffing underwear, & strippers... and thats just the beginning. The Loveline hosts give you the secrets to relationships and how to be open sexually, honest, and make them last. Carrie and Chad talk about getting let go from The Apprentice & The Bachelor plus Dr. Chris answers the burning question... Is Monogamy a good thing? Listen closely for an answer you won't believe!
00:46:44 11/22/2018
Welcome to Chad's World. Chad is joined by social media influencer and entrepreneur Robert Frank. With over 2 million followers online Robert & Chad talk about his rise to internet fame. They talk about dieting on and off the Bachelor plus Frank reveals his secret recipe for building views, biceps, and attracting new followers on Instagram through his hilarious videos. From gym's to DM's, to the most horrible things people say about them online. Chad and Robert talk about it all!
00:45:43 11/15/2018
Welcome to Chad's World! Chad is joined by Connor Obroctha from The Bachelorette season 14 and Jay Starett from Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X. Listen as Connor explains why he feels he never had an opportunity to connect with the bachelorette Becca. He talks about his experience competing for a relationship against multiple guys. Plus Jay talks life behind the scenes at Survivor. From revealing if people off survivor date each other to Jay crushing the challenges. Plus what do they do about sex? Chad and Jay swap reality tv show stories in this hilarious conversation.
00:45:00 11/8/2018
Welcome to Chads World! The Bachelors favorite villain kicks off his debut show. In this exciting episode Chad is joined by Bachelor Season 16 Winner Courtney Robertson as Chad opens up about his journey to Bachelor fame and reveals the TRUE story to why he was kicked off of the Bachelorette. The two swap stories about Spencer Pratt, Sean Lowe, Robbie falling in love to soon, Evan being a dick, and so more gossip. Find out what celebs are dropping into Courtney's DM and find out just how many followers you need to have to date Chad! Welcome to the party... Welcome to Chads World!
00:49:00 11/1/2018
Coming Soon!
00:00:41 10/30/2018

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