Case in Point

The worlds of sports and law often collide, and the results can be both highly entertaining and extremely educational. "Case in Point" features Lommen Abdo attorney Jeff O'Brien and Dave Harrigan from 1500 ESPN Twin Cities' Mackey & Judd Show, discussing the latest legal issues affecting the sports world in Minnesota and beyond and the impact those issues have on fans.


Row the Boat! How PJ Fleck acquired the slogan (Ep. 19)

Jeff and Dave are discussing PJ Fleck and his Row the Boat slogan....Jeff and Dave are discussing PJ Fleck and his Row the Boat slogan. The guys discuss how he developed Row the Boat, how and why he purchased the rights from Western Michigan, how it may be used by the University of Minnesota, and how registering for a trademark can benefit anyone building a business behind a phrase or slogan.   Show More


Past Episodes

Dave and Jeff discuss National Signing Day and the rights of student athletes and colleges when verbal commitments are made and, eventually, letters of intent are signed.
Jeff OBrien and Dave Harrigan are joined by former Gopher quarterback Rickey Foggie for this episode to talk about the Gopher football program, the scandal and boycott that have led up to the Holiday Bowl. The guys discuss how due process applies in this case, Rickey shares his thoughts on the state of the program and they discuss where they believe the program should go from here.
Jeff and Dave discuss the new collective bargaining agreement between the NBA and its players. Jeff explains some of the details within the agreement and why it seems to be a great deal for the players. The guys also discuss the possibility of UFC fighters formally unionizing and the hazing policy included in the new CBA with Major League Baseball.
Jeff O'Brien from Lommen Abdo and Dave Harrigan from 1500 ESPN discuss the new collective bargaining agreement for Major League Baseball. They talk about some of the changes from the previous agreement and what five more years of labor peace means for MLB.
Professional sports are a business, in more ways than you might think. Player contracts, collective bargaining agreements, endorsements and stadium deals are some of the more visible business issues, but there are many other business transactions that surround professional sports all the time. While most of these "other" deals are relatively mundane, a few have become the stuff of legend. In Episode 14, Dave and Jeff take a look at three of these famous, or rather, infamous, business deals from the sports world.
A discussion about the alleged sexual assault and restraining orders filed against the University of Minnesota Gopher football players with Dave Harrigan (1500 ESPN) and Jeff O'Brien (Lommen Abdo) -- including some of the unique points about this case, how the harassment restraining order process works, and Jeff shared some related stories from both his professional and person life.
Dave Harrigan (1500 ESPN) and Jeff O'Brien (Lommen Abdo) discussed the contracts of both Joe Mauer and Adrian Peterson, the differences in guaranteed vs non-guaranteed deals in the NFL and MLB, and what factors have led to baseball contracts being much more player friendly overall.
On this episode of Case in Point, Dave Harrigan (1500 ESPN) and Jeff O'Brien (Lommen Abdo) talk about the CBAs in our major sports. Dave and Jeff talk about the reason these agreements came into being, compared the power held by players unions and league offices, the differences in how discipline is handed down, the appeal process, and some of the practical takeaways for anyone negotiating a labor contract.
On this episode of Case in Point, Dave Harrigan (1500 ESPN) and Jeff O'Brien (Lommen Abdo) break down the Colin Kaepernick situation. Jeff and Dave talk about how the 1st amendment applies to Colin or any athletes who choose to speak out on controversial issues, other athletes who have joined Kaepernick in his protest, what might finally cause the NFL to react, and how the 1st amendment applies to all forms of protest.

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