Bud and Broadway's Instant Replay

Bud and Broadway's Instant Replay features the best parts of each day's show from the good ol' boy odd couple. Hear the funniest moments, including All I Need to Know and What's Up Florida?! Bud and Broadway's Instant Replay - Real Life. Real People. Real Fun.


Bud and Broadway's Instant Replay

BandB: Finally Friday Emails & Jordan Rock

Finally Friday Emails this week go out to the new Batman, NHL Refs, the St. Louis Blues and Weed Eater Stringers. Plus, comedian Jordan Rock joined us in studio!
00:31:10 5/16/2019

Past Episodes

Bud is going to prison...but not for what you think. Plus, here is your chance to be Coach Berube - what would you tell our St. Louis Blues to cheer them up after the blown call?
00:20:10 5/15/2019
Broadway's son blamed Siri for something that was totally not her fault. Plus, we had to open up a NCISTL investigation to find out...what happened to the statue?
00:29:30 5/14/2019
We lost a bet with Randy Karraker from 101 ESPN's The Fast Lane. They get to put their picture on OUR truck - but we get something out of this deal. Plus, Broadway got sent to Facebook Jail...AGAIN!
00:35:30 5/13/2019
We decided to celebrate Mom all day today. We've got some Mother's Day card suggestions, our Finally Friday Emails went out to Mom and we gave you 30 seconds to salute your Mom!
00:37:40 5/9/2019
In honor of Mother's Day...what is that one thing Mom always says? Plus, when you ask for scrambled instead of folded eggs...that's all I need to know about you!
00:29:03 5/8/2019
We are dedicating this week to Moms for Mother's Day! We want you to honor your Mom with 30 Seconds for Mom! Plus, each morning we try and teach ya some stuff. Find out today why the hockey trophy is named Stanley's Cup!
00:27:20 5/6/2019
There was some MAJOR drama at the big Derby this weekend...we tried to figure out what happened. Plus, we were finally able to cut the grass this weekend, which lead to a groundhog discovery!
00:32:00 5/5/2019
We are READY for the Blues vs. Sharks game tonight - so ready we are already partying! Plus, we have another white trash family update...#14 is prego again!
00:36:40 4/30/2019
How do you fit 6 people in a porta potty? Broadway and his friends did it! Plus, Kelly went honkin' for hay...didn't end up with any though.
00:31:36 4/29/2019
When and how did you sneak alcohol into an event? You won't believe how someone brought alcohol into a funeral. PLUS, we spent some time with Carrie Underwood talking about her new dog, new horses and TWD!
00:31:30 4/28/2019
Finally Friday Emails this week go out to Avengers: Endgame (x3) and Pre-Parties. Plus, we KNOW Nurses do so much more than play cards...what was that politician even thinking?
00:49:10 4/25/2019
What is the best spot to hide candy and snacks from your kids? Some of you are SUPER creative. PLUS, Broadway's daughter is super excited about seeing the Circus Replay...what?!?!
00:41:25 4/23/2019
Lauren asked us for help with her overly excited lawn care neighbor. PLUS, Broadway's son, Grayson, nearly sends him to his room.
00:39:30 4/22/2019
Filmore, a new artist from STL, joined us in studio ALL morning. We talked about his name, growing up in STL, the worst song he ever wrote and touring. Plus, Broadway went to lunch and sat by this lady, who probably had the craziest sneeze attack eva!
00:44:30 4/21/2019

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