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Put two sports talkers with more than fifty years of experience in the same room and what do you get? Bernie and Randy: The Podcast. Bernie Miklasz and Randy Karraker cover everything on the professional and college sports scene, and they're never short on opinions. These two sports talk heavyweights have reunited to bring the well-known radio show they co-hosted to the podcast world. Catch Bernie and Randy: The Podcast, on PodcastOne.


Bernie & Randy

Ep. 256 - Cardinals Outlook for 2019 Season

We're liking how the Cardinals are shaping up heading into this season. Let's talk strengths and weak spots.
00:14:51 3/28/2019

Past Episodes

The NL Central is shaping up to be the best division on the NL side this season.
00:16:00 3/28/2019
The Blues are looking good in the home stretch with the 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs just around the corner.
00:13:19 3/28/2019
Mizzou and SLU haven't exactly had braggable seasons, so what went wrong?
00:12:09 3/6/2019
The Blues have dipped noticeably since a record breaking win streak. Can they hang in there down the stretch?
00:12:52 3/6/2019
We're looking at the Cardinals' pitching depth heading into the 2019 season. Will Adam Wainwright last a full season?
00:14:18 3/5/2019
We're looking at a season that's seen ups and downs like Blues fans haven't seen in a long time.
00:13:30 2/28/2019
We're looking at the Carlos Martinez shoulder issue, and how much this may impact the Cardinals' season.
00:15:32 2/28/2019
We're looking at the Cardinals' contract extension for pitcher Miles Mikolas and how it impacts the team's future.
00:13:45 2/28/2019
Giants manager Bruce Bochy will retire after the 2019 season and we're looking back on what's been an incredible career for Bochy.
00:15:05 2/21/2019
The Cardinals are shutting down Carlos Martinez, and we're talking concerns with his shoulder issue.
00:12:17 2/19/2019
The Blues have set a new win streak record, and we're curious to see how this team responds to defeat...if they ever lose again!
00:19:45 2/19/2019
Paul Goldschmidt brings much needed excitement and hope to the Cardinals as the team opens Spring Training.
00:19:19 2/15/2019
The St. Louis Blues have made one of the most remarkable turnarounds in St. Louis sports history this season.
00:14:14 2/13/2019
Happy Valentine's Day! Let's spend a few minutes talking about why this holiday is just the worst.
00:13:16 2/13/2019

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