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El Pres, KFC, and Big Cat and the rest of Barstool Sports break down the biggest and funniest stories/videos from the internet that day. The Rundown is the Front Page of the Internet in audio form, presented with a slant on men's humor in a locker room atmosphere.


Barstool Rundown May 25, 2017

Trump Pushes NATO leader
Montana Congressional candidate body slams reporter
plinko champ
Aly Raisman
Potato chip company ad campaign

33:25 5/25/2017

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33:25 5/24/2017
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33:25 5/22/2017
1. NBA Lottery

2. Lavar Ball

3. Guy Sues Date

4. Kids Pepper Sprayed

5. Brady Concussion
33:25 5/17/2017
1. Celtics vs. Cavs

2. Zimbabwe Pastor Eaten by Crocodiles

3. Predators Dump National Anthem Singer

4. Male Rompers

5. James Harden hit on Moses Malone Jr.

6. A-Rod Corp on Shark Tank
33:25 5/16/2017
Zaza vs. Kawhi
Jet Blue Flight
Avril Lavigne
Derek Jeter
Miss USA
Cromartie 14th Kid
33:25 5/15/2017
Bron Bron Sneakers
Pens Fans vs. Caps Fans
Steve Harvey
Great White Shark Warning
Bethman Cookman Speech
33:25 5/11/2017
Matt Harvey
Putin Hockey
Southwest Fight
Coach O
Big Black
Shark Humper Update
26:25 5/10/2017

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