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Barsky Radio on News/Talk 850WFTL

Barsky Radio 5/17/2019 Hr 1

Trump administration plans to send thousands of illegal immigrants to South Florida in the coming weeks. The House has passed an equality act aimed at the LGBTQ community and we have an update on Ric Flair's Garrett he is not dead! All on today's Barsky Radio!
00:41:21 5/16/2019

Past Episodes

Welcome to hour 2! We talk jail stories,Game of Thrones and other shows that will be ending or coming to tv and we talked Garrett's crazy DND game obsession.
00:42:50 5/16/2019
Top stories of the day: Migrants being dumped in Palm Beach and Broward County starting in two weeks but Barsky has a better idea... We talk about transgender transformations, movies, the Bizarsky story of the day and we play stump the millennial with Garrett and Shirenna.
00:39:35 5/16/2019
Michael Wolff if back with a sequel, Beto O'Rourke gets a haircut, and some celebrity news all on today's Barsky Radio!
00:40:27 5/15/2019
President Trump's new immigration plan, Ric Flair hospitalized, Pat Robertson thinks Alabama's abortion law is too right leaning all on today's Barsky Radio!
00:40:56 5/15/2019
The sexiest accents in America, a farmer had to amputate his own leg, and would you take 10 years left to live if you got 2 billion dollars all on today's Barsky Radio!
00:41:36 5/15/2019
Who could beat Trump in 2020? The answer may surprise you. Plus Burger Kings new impossible Whopper and Florida Proud all on today's Barsky Radio!
00:41:52 5/14/2019
Why Barsky will never be a judge, Don Jr agrees to testify in front of the Senate, and TV news all on today's Barsky Radio!
00:40:39 5/14/2019
A Georgia Mayor says her town isn't ready for black employees, the growing weed industry, and Kamala thinks Biden would make a great running mate all on today's Barsky Radio!
00:41:42 5/14/2019
Pete Buttigeig slowjams the news, kids show Arthur features a gay wedding, and Bob Kraft gets off easy all on today's Barsky Radio!
00:39:09 5/13/2019
Lawsuit news, a terrifying Uber experience, and an Anthony Weiner Update all on today's Barsky Radio!
00:41:05 5/13/2019

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