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Mornings with Allan & Ashley May 22, 2018

People who own a home in King County are paying about 17% more in property taxes this year than last year to help pay for the state's funding of public education.But come November, Seattle leaders will be asking voters to approve a bit more of an increase for city dwellers. Katy Perry didn't hold back her true feelings about Meghan Markle's now-iconic royal wedding gown. MARINERS OFF LAST NIGHT. IN OAKLAND TONIGHT...
00:13:06 5/22/2018

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Should be a challenging traffic weekend in Seattle. Mariners are in town, Revive I-5 work, Paul Simon at Key Arena, & Beat the Bridge Run on Sunday. Today marks 38 years since the eruption of Mt St Helens. The Royal Wedding is trending. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal wedding is tomorrow, starting around 4am Will last about an hour. Leave your swords at home.
00:13:34 5/17/2018
BEES ARE ATTACKING OUR CITY. Thousands of honey bees and four queens took flight to the roof of The Sanctuary event space in downtown Seattle. The bees will search for pollen AND produce as much as 50 pounds of honey per hive. People who live in San Francisco must earn $333,000 a year to afford a median priced home. THE ROYAL WEDDING IS TRENDING.. The wedding itself will cost $2.7 million.
00:16:11 5/17/2018
Mariners star Robinson Cano suspended for 80-games after testing positive for a banned substance.... MARINERS BEAT the Rangers 9-8 in 11 inning after the tough day. President Trump says the First Lady is doing well after undergoing kidney procedure on Monday; says she should be released in '2 or 3 days.'
00:10:55 5/16/2018
More record breaking temps in Seattle... MEGHAN MARKLE'S dad THOMAS MARKLE will not be attending royal wedding. The big screen's Lois Lane has died. Margot Kidder passed away on Sunday at her home in Montana. She was 69. Her cause of death is unknown. MARINERS SHUTOUT TWINS 1-0. Ms home at SAFECO TONIGHT AGAINST TEXAS....
00:14:41 5/15/2018
SeaTac broke the record high Sunday reaching 85. The old record was 84 in 2016 & 1973. The Royal Wedding is all set for this weekend. More than two-thirds of flight attendants are harassed by passengers, according to a survey by the Association of Flight Attendants. Happy 34th birthday to Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg. MARINERS lose to TIGERS 5-4.
00:10:43 5/14/2018
It's Mothers Day Weekend... MOTHER'S DAY spending to reach $23.1 billion. Individuals ages 35-44 will be the biggest spenders this year at an average $224. If Hawaii's Kilauea volcano blows its top in the coming days or weeks, as experts fear, it could hurl ash and boulders the size of refrigerators miles into the air, shutting down airline traffic and endangering lives in all directions. KELLY CLARKSON to sing national anthem before the indy 500!
00:11:54 5/11/2018
Three Americans held captive in North Korea returned home overnight. California is another step closer to cancer warnings on coffee. IRON MAN IS MISSING! The suit worn by actor Robert Downey Jr. in the 2008 hit film that launched the Marvel Cinematic Universe has disappeared from a warehouse. The red-and-gold suit is worth an estimated $325,000. MARINERS lose to BLUE JAYS 5-2
00:10:40 5/10/2018
The Mariners James Paxton throws the sixth NO HITTER in team history. The Canadian pitcher shut down the Blue Jays 5-0 in Toronto. Big changes comin to the Coleman ferry dock. The Katy Perry / Taylor Swift feud may be over....KIM KARDASHIAN'S press-on met gala nails were flown in from L.A. on KATY PERRY'S private jet.
00:13:02 5/8/2018
A protest in downtown Seattle Monday caused all kinds of problems at Second and Union. 14 people arrested. Tsunami warnings along the Clallam County coastline went off Monday in error. The Clallam County Sheriff's Office says warnings that tsunami dangers were imminent were wrong. Happy birthday to Toni Tenille from The Captain & Tenille. She's 78 today...
00:09:24 5/8/2018
We had a relatively peaceful May Day in Seattle...STARBUCKS UNVEILS TWO NEW FRAPPUCCINO FLAVORS?AND THEY'RE HERE TO STAY. Welcome to the family, Triple Mocha and Ultra Caramel. Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon will be covering the Royal Wedding! The Funny or Die special for HBO will feature Ferrell and Shannon covering the London wedding in character as Cord Hosenbeck and Tish Cattigan ? broadcasters supposedly famous for reporting on Southern California's annual Rose Parade.
00:11:04 5/1/2018

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