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LI Podcast 022218

Brandon Minoff - Student survivor of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting "everybody's in support of what is going on but there is definitely diversity in the opinion of what to do about the issue" On Purple card Rep. Dan Pabon (D-CO)"exercising our 10th amendment rights to create a State work program" vs. Rep. Cole Wist (R-CO)"I think this law is unconstitutional on it's face"
01:15:00 2/22/2018

Past Episodes

Joe diGenova - Attorney and Partner at diGenova & Toensing, Former US Attorney in DC "this shooting is a story of failure at every level" Ron Hosko - Former Assistant FBI Director, President of the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund "Bob Mueller is working very quickly"
01:15:00 2/21/2018
Byron York - Chief Political Correspondent at the Washington Examiner on Mueller Indictments "there isn't any indictment of anybody associated with Donald Trump or the Trump campaign" Robert Barnes - California based attorney, founder of Barnes Law, which focuses on constitutional, criminal, and civil rights law "There was an actual disinformation campaign"
01:15:00 2/20/2018
Guest Host Edward Woodson welcomes Kurt Schlichter (Town Hall Writer) and John Lott (President of Crime Prevention Research Center).
01:15:00 2/19/2018
Hogan Gidley - White House Deputy Press Secretary "It's been a rough week for the country no doubt" Rep. Devin Nunes - House Intelligence Committee Chairman on investigation "We're looking at the State Department"
01:15:00 2/16/2018
Addison Jost - Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Junior trapped inside the building next to the shooter yesterday "we did not even recognize that it was gunshots" Mark Fuhrman - Retired LAPD Detective "America wants to live in a bubble" Chauncey Bowers - Threat Suppression Security Firm on preventing shootings "focus on clues or tips leading up to the incident" John Lott - President of the Crime Prevention Research Center, Economist and Author of The War on Guns (2016) on "it's hard for me to express my frustration"
01:15:00 2/15/2018
Lee Cissna - Director of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services on Immigration bill "This is not a war on family migration" Rep. Jim Jordan - (R-OH) on legal immigration "They also want to demonize the rule of law"
01:15:00 2/14/2018
Sen. Rand Paul -- (R-KY) "people confuse the idea that if you're for tax cuts, you're somehow for deficits" Sharyl Attkisson - Investigative Journalist, Author of The Smear and Host of weekly public affairs broadcast Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson on Sinclair on Mike Flynn FBI conversation "didn't know he was being interviewed"
01:15:00 2/13/2018
Andy McCarthy - National Review Contributing Editor, Former US Attorney on Memo "I think it all ought to be out there" Ronna McDaniel - RNC Chairwoman on on 2018 Mid Term Elections "we know what we're up against"
01:15:00 2/12/2018
Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) - Chairman of the House Freedom Caucus on Government Shutdown: "It is a very sad day for America" Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA)"There's a lot of spending in that bill"
01:15:00 2/9/2018
Guest Host Paul Viollis welcomes Ron Hosko (Former Assistant Director of FBI), Maria Espinoza (Founder and CEO of Remembrance Project), and Don Brammer (Veteran and Chairman of Brammer Group).
01:15:00 2/8/2018

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