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LI Podcast 062717

David Cortman: 'Supreme Court to take case on baker who refused to...David Cortman: 'Supreme Court to take case on baker who refused to sell wedding cake to gay couple'

Sen. Jim Risch: 'Bob Mueller Appointing Liberal Loyalist to the Special Counsel Is Deeply Disturbing; You Should Not Have Activist Investigating the President'
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01:13:00 6/27/2017

Past Episodes

Alan Dershowitz: 'Justice Ginsburg Should Recuse Herself From Any Case That Involves President Trump Personally'

Joe diGenova: 'The Judges Travel Ban Decisions In The 4th & 9th Circuits Are Impeachable'
01:13:00 6/26/2017
Jeremy Peters: 'There Are Plenty of People Around Trump Saying 'No Mr. President' But He Doesn't Listen & It Has Worked Out Well'
01:13:00 6/23/2017
Roger Stone: 'Mueller, Comey & Rosenstein Have All Worked for the Bush's & Clinton's; That Tells You Everything & Trump Should Fire Them'

Tom Fitton: 'Mueller's Special Counsel Was Corrupted The Day He Spoke to Comey; Only Appointing Democratic Donors'
01:13:00 6/22/2017
Pat Buchanan: 'Sen. McConnell & Speaker Ryan Are Deliberately Slow Walking President Trump's Legislation & Agenda'

Sean Spicer: The Press Is More Focused On Getting Their Clip on YouTube or Their Claim to Fame; The Snarkiness By The Media Is Incredible'
01:13:00 6/21/2017
Gordon Chang: 'The Chinese Have NOT Done Enough To Halt North Korea; We Have To Enforce U.S. Law on China, Only Way To Implement Pressure'
01:13:00 6/20/2017
Andy McCarthy: 'Completely Unnecessary For AG Sessions To Recuse Himself; The Comey Testimony Would Have Never Happened'

Fmr. CIA Officer: 'Comey Should NOT Have Leaked His Memos & Showed Bad Judgment; He Knew The Notes Would Lead to a Special Counsel'
1:09:42 6/19/2017
Byron York: 'Republicans Praising Mueller Should Be Careful; Dems Can Use Their Words Against Them'

Jay Sekulow: 'Mueller Being Appointed To Special Counsel Has Ironic Timing; He Was Being Considered For FBI Director & Special Counsel'
1:09:42 6/16/2017
Rep. Mark Walker: 'This Partisan Language Has Reached A Fever Pitch; Yesterday Was The First Time Pelosi Has Said Anything Positive About Trump'

Joe diGenova: 'Congressmen Were Shot Because Of The Outrageous Violent Claims By The Left; Democrats Have Blood On Their Hands'
1:09:42 6/15/2017
Victor Davis Hanson: We are in revolutionary times; there is a slow moving coup in Washington to oust Trump

Fmr. FBI Agent John Ligato: 'Mueller Cannot Be Impartial When It Comes To Investigating Comey; Should NOT Investigate Rumors'
1:09:42 6/14/2017

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