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LI Podcast 052617

James Woolsey: 'Trump did a great job at NATO Summit; Obama's Spying...James Woolsey: 'Trump did a great job at NATO Summit; Obama's Spying on Americans was Illegal.'

Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel: 'Election of Gianforte to Congress is a huge win for Montana, the president, and the party'
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1:09:42 5/26/2017

Past Episodes

Byron York On The Media: 'Trump Has Gotten In Their Head; That's Why MSNBC & CNN Have Such Negative Coverage'
1:09:42 5/25/2017
Guest Host Raymond Arroyo welcomes Deputy Special Assistant to President Trump Sebastian Gorka and Economist Stephen Moore.
1:09:42 5/24/2017
Guest Hosts John Conradi And Paul Viollis welcome:
Bill Gertz - Author and Senior Editor of the Washington Free Beacon

Ric Grenell - Former U.S. Spokesman to the U.N; diplomat and media commentator

Rob O'Neill - Navy SEAL who killed bin Laden
1:09:42 5/23/2017
John Roberts - Fox News Chief White House Correspondent on Trump Trip:
It's good to see the United States back in the Region.

Eli Lake - Bloomberg View columnist on Trump Saudi Arabia Trip:
I think this is a new approach even if he's calling on them to do the same thing weve been asking them to do since 9/11.
1:09:42 5/22/2017
Buchanan: 'FBI Has Discovered NO Collusion; Now We Appoint A Special Prosecutor For Years'

Fmr. CIA Agent: 'Count On The Government Monitoring The Trump Family; They Are Very Vulnerable To CIA & FBI'
1:09:42 5/19/2017
Pete Hoekstra: 'AG Sessions Made A Cataclysmic Mistake Picking Rosenstein & Recusing Himself'

Gov. Huckabee: 'Roger Ailes Built Success By Out Thinking His Competitors; Virtues In His Life Were Extraordinary'
1:09:42 5/18/2017
Joe diGenova: 'Unwise Discussion Trump Had With Comey; It's Simply His Opinion & NOT Obstruction Of Justice'

Fmr. FBI Director: 'There Is A Professional Team of Subversives Trying To Take Down President Trump'

Byron York: 'Comey Surprised The Senate Intelligence Committee About Trump's Comments; Initially He Did Not Contact Senator Grassley or Burr'
1:09:42 5/17/2017
Chris Ruddy: 'Joe Scarborough Has Gone Off The Deep End; He Wants President Trump Impeached'

Fmr. CIA Director: 'What We Know Is Giving Classified Information To The Press Is Illegal'
1:09:42 5/16/2017
Kris Kobach: 'Defends Trump's Voter Fraud Commission As Fact Based'
1:09:42 5/15/2017

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