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Clark Howard 07.21.17

Topics: Clark Stinks; Clark's son and entrepreneurship + teens fixing iPhones

2083 7/21/2017

Past Episodes

Topics: How to pick a moving company; 403b plan fees; is the online dollar store
2088 7/20/2017
Topics: New website; Accessing ATM's with your phones
2106 7/19/2017
Topics: Stealing TV; Important IRS collections update
2101 7/18/2017
Topics: Low and zero down payment mortgages; Why teens should work
2089 7/17/2017
Topics: Clark Stinks; AirBnb is changing because of mega-hosts
2107 7/14/2017
Topics: Zillow instant offers; Bill pay scam; Rx discount cards Rx pricing
2096 7/13/2017
How to rent a rental car; What role does money play in happiness?
2098 7/12/2017
Topics: CFPB looks to ban some arbitration clauses; A human chain saves 9 lives at the beach; Shipping surcharges will change Christmas shopping 
2102 7/11/2017
Topics: Google can diagnose skin cancer; Home Depot fires employee for stopping kidnapping; Volvo vows to go all hybrid and electric
2100 7/10/2017

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