A weekly inspirational and motivation podcast in which Adam Carolla interviews executives, inventors, authors and others pioneers and leaders in their respective fields about how they achieved success and how you can too.

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Adam turns to the listener on today's episode of Take a Knee as he opens up the phone lines to the listeners and answers questions on a variety of topics from how to get into stand up comedy, dealing with divorce and not negotiating with yourself.
00:57:00 2/11/2019
Daniel Buzzaboo Two Sheets Kellison joins the show today to talk about he and Adam's long career together. Daniel gets into his childhood in Vermont and how an acid trip landed him at The Tonight Show with David Letterman, They then talk about the early days at the Man Show and how Daniel could have done better as Adam's producer.
01:07:00 2/4/2019
Justin Schorr joins us today to talk/get screamed at about traffic in Los Angeles. Adam and Justin talk about his time studying for his Master and Ph.D. in Civil Engineering and just how hopeless the city is in terms of traffic. They then talk about the position of Traffic Czar and Adam states his desire to obtain the position.
01:03:00 1/28/2019
Todd Garner calls into the show today to talk about a life long career in Hollywood. Todd and Adam talk about Todd coming up in Hollywood and why taking every opportunity you can get will lead you to the next step. They then talk about the amount of BS you have to ignore in Hollywood. Keep your head down and focus on your work.
00:54:00 1/21/2019
Steven Barber joins the show to talk about his new documentary, The World's Most Dangerous Paper Route. He and Adam talk about his past documentaries and his trips to the Pacific theater. They then talk about the hustle required to make it in entertainment. 
01:06:00 1/14/2019

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