A weekly inspirational and motivation podcast in which Adam Carolla interviews executives, inventors, authors and others pioneers and leaders in their respective fields about how they achieved success and how you can too.

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Award Winning Hall of Fame sports journalist Rick Reilly joins the show today to talk about his new book Commander in Cheat. He and Adam talk about Rick's days as a sports journalist and how hard it is for young sportswriters coming up. Adam and Rick then discuss the broader implications of a cheater in golf and how that may bleed into other aspects in life.
01:08:00 4/15/2019
Coach Mike Bayer stops by the show today to talk about your Best Self. He and Adam talk about how Dr. Phil changed Mike's life and Mike administers the anti vs best self test on Adam.
01:09:00 4/8/2019
You know him best from the commercials for his wildly popular 'My Pillow' product but you probably don't know the story behind the man. Mike Lindell joins Adam as they talk about his journey from crack addict to corporate CEO and everything he experienced along the way.
00:56:00 4/1/2019
Tobias Queisser joins the show today to talk about his new company Cinelytic and how he and his team are attempting to change to the business side of the film. Tobias and Adam talk about his days growing up in Germany and why risk aversion is so prevalent in his own country. They then discuss the requirement to risk everything in order to innovate, something that the entertainment industry seems hesitant to do.
01:00:00 3/25/2019
Justin Freer, composer extraordinaire joins the show to talk about his upcoming live 'Rudy' concert. Justin talks about the beginning of his company Cineconcerts which feature live orchestras for screenings of films and what it takes to become a professional composer. Adam and Justin then talk about how practicing an instrument can apply to other disciplines.
01:02:00 3/18/2019

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