A weekly inspirational and motivation podcast in which Adam Carolla interviews executives, inventors, authors and others pioneers and leaders in their respective fields about how they achieved success and how you can too.

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PathWater CEO and Co-Founder Shadi Bakour joins the show today to talk about trying to change the face of the plastic water bottle industry. Ace and Shadi talk about what it was like starting his company and the notion that saying "let's do this" can get you very far in this world. America is not an old boys club, if you have initiative, you can make a change.
00:58:36 6/18/2018
Naveen Jain joins the show today as Adam soaks up the information from this tech entrepreneur about his new venture that diagnoses gut health. Naveen and Adam talk about the kinds of foods one should be eating to maintain a healthy gut and why there is a lot of misconception surrounding what you should and should not be eating. They then discuss just how impactful your gut health can be and how it can change your mood and psychology.
01:01:21 6/11/2018
Motivational speaker Bo Eason joins the show today along with the great Kevin Hench! Kevin talks about the first time he saw Bo speak and they talk about Bo's journey from the NFL to the stage. Plus, plenty of talk about bananas and avocados.
01:09:54 6/4/2018
Adam sits down with Hall of Famer Chris Doleman to talk about his career in the NFL and the new unveiling of his HOF plaque back at his former school in York Pennsylvania. Adam and Chris talk about his recent brain cancer diagnosis and why his faith plays an important role in his recovery. They then talk about ALIENS!
00:48:38 5/28/2018
Former Marine and private security operative Jason Stapleton joins Adam on this week's Take A Knee and they discuss Jason's time in the armed forces and private defense work and how that informed the next stages of his life as he became a media personality and expert on trade. Throughout the course of their conversation Adam comes up with a phrase that he feels is poignant and universal: 'Mediocracy Loves Company'.
01:09:13 5/21/2018

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