Podcasting 101
Podcasting is a method in which users who are interested in audio or video files can subscribe to a feed so that new podcasts can be automatically obtained. Podcasts are composed of various episodes of media files. If users want to subscribe to podcasts then they have to use software. After subscribing, their software will automatically check if there are new podcasts published. If there are any then the podcasts will be automatically downloaded to their computer so that they can listen or watch it whenever they want.

With Podcasting, users can enjoy tremendous benefits. One of its great benefits is they will be able to watch and listen to their favorite podcasts anytime regardless of where they are. Users are always up to date with the latest episodes of podcasts since it will be automatically downloaded to iTunes or any type of podcast software that they use. Podcasts do not necessarily require an iPod or MP3 player. However, users should have podcast subscription software such as iTunes, Audacity, Podcatcher and others. There are a lot of podcasting programs which are free such as Miro, Juice and others.

If users are interested in subscribing to a podcast then the first thing that they have to do is to download the podcast subscription software and install it. One of the most recommended software is iTunes. After installation is done, they can start subscribing by copying and pasting the URL for the podcast into the software.

If users would like to use iTunes then they can download and install the software on their computer. The podcast will be downloaded immediately to iTunes. Favorites in Podcastone.com is a great feature because this is where users are going to place their favorite podcasts under a personalized RSS feed. They can access this feed by using iTunes or any type of program. Adding podcasts to favorites can be done easily.

Before users can add any podcasts to their personalized RSS feed in Podcastone.com, they should first register on the website. They should fill up the profile page completely so that they can be part of the community and at the same time they can also avail new programs. However, if users do not want to complete the entire profile then it is not required.

A lot of people are attracted to podcasting. With podcasting, users are allowed to select their own content and they can listen whenever they want which is just like the internet. Unlike the radio and TV broadcast wherein people have to choose from the programs that are available. Users can have the convenience of having fresh podcasts on their iPods or other types of music players and listen to it throughout the day. Podcasting can also be considered as a substitute for TV and radio. With its low cost of production, users can broadcast their ideas and viewpoints. With the use of broadband connection, they can reach anyone across the globe. Podcasters are creating content in series. Contrary to TV and radio, podcasts are narrow. Users can choose to listen to the particular subject that they want.

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