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Featuring all of the regular Barstool personalities, KFC Radio is the quintessential bar conversation brought to podcast form. Listener interaction is the name of the game as Barstool readers and listeners contribute their Stoolie Voicemails to drive the conversation to strange places including embarrassing personal stories, bizarre hypothetical questions, and more. New episodes of the hilarious Barstool Network flagship show are released every Friday.


Quickie: New App Removes Make Up From Girls Faces

KFC & Feits discuss the new MakeApp app that lets you see what people look like without make-up. Also, RIPIP Shyla Stylez and Capt. Cons is going to a fancy soiree.


Past Episodes

KFC and Feitelberg run through Barstool front page: Blake Shelton named sexiest man alive. White man claims to be transracial and identifies himself as a Pilipino. A town wants to change their town mascot because "pheonix" sounds like "penis." Christian Bale is now fat for his next role. Voicemails include: Vulcan grip hand job. Does anal count as losing my virginity? Dumb pre-sex hydration ritual. Can I weaponize spitting? How do I ditch my loser friends when I'm studying abroad? Family Guy's Alec Sulkin joins in to talk about TV, writing, the landscape of comedy today and the parallels of Family Guy and Barstool.
Deeper dive into a few of this week's voicemails. What is the weirdest request you'd accommodate in a relationship?
00:18:21 11/15/2017
It's the 300th episode of KFC Radio, Kevin and Feits are joined by a special guest to help celebrate. The guys run through the Barstool front page, 'Family Guy' gives Barstool a shout out. Martellus Bennet is so unbelievably selfish you can't help but respect it. Dildo's are secretly recording audio of people cumming. T-Pain is a firm believer in the JJO movement. Rebel Wilson's experience of sexual harassment from a fan is BIZARRE. Donald Trump had an all time tweet coming after Kim Jung Un. Voicemails include: boyfriend mad at girlfriend for jerking off. Guy wants his girlfriend to sleep with other guys. Who from Barstool would you take to conquer a planet? Jerking off with spit.
Mini-episode to help you get through your Monday. On today's quickie, Feits receives a delightful text message from an ex-gf and he and KFC discuss the split personalities they use while texting.
00:16:17 11/13/2017
KFC Radio caps off a week full of fresh content with the return of Mailtime. Frankie Borrelli joins KFC and Feits to address him CRYING at Jimmy Fallon, and they discuss when it's okay for a man to cry.
Thursday Barstool front page. KFC and Feits are going through the top stories: A couple broke up on a plane causing an emergency landing. Ricin's Flair has revealed he's slept with 10,000 women. Kristaps Porzingis is the face of New York sports. Twitter has expanded to 280 characters. Liangelo Ball caught stealing in China. Voicemails include: Do I tell my tinder date I had a threesome with his friend? Spitting chewing tobacco in a girls mouth. If only dudes are hitting on me, should I become gay? Did I peak after losing my virginity? Trying to hook up with the Dick's Sporting Good's cashier.
Part 2 of the Stranger Things 2 recap with KFC, Feitelberg, Trent and Robbie Fox. Part 1 was posted earlier this week.SPOILERSKFC, Feits, Trent and Robbie wrap up their review of Stranger Things 2. The scene shift to Chicago, why episode 7 sucked, Eleven's new look, the bus scene, Bob and the Demadogs, Eleven's search for her mom, is Billy the new Barb? The weird sports montage, the smoke monster, the Snowball, the giant spider and predictions for season 3.
00:45:14 11/8/2017
We're back from the weekend and daylight savings time is ruining KFC's life. Feitelberg doesn't know how much to tip his crippled delivery guy. Kevin is thriving in the backlash he received from his video on Carlos Correa getting engaged too young. Voicemails include: Girlfriend wants her boyfriend to change his ATM pin. Should I send a nine year old with cancer a picture of tits? Is there anything better than being called sexy? Neighbors giving you a bucket of beers for you to pay forward to the neighborhood.
Part 1 of the Stranger Things 2 recap with KFC, Feitelberg, Trent and Robbie Fox. Part 2 coming on Wednesday.SPOILERSKFC, Feits, Trent and Robbie 1st discuss Season 1 overall and how everyone is sick of Barb. Then dive into season 2 including meeting Max and Eight, Dig Dug, Joyce & Hopper, Bob the Brain, if the portal to the Upside Down is trying to get the pipe, Millie Bobby Brown's trajectory as a megastar, whether Nancy is the perfect woman, if Steve is an anti-hero or a regular hero, Dustin and the Demodogs and Eleven's quest to find her biological mother.Tune in for Part 2 later this week.
00:44:33 11/6/2017

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