Bald Bryan (side kick on the Adam Carolla Show) & his partner Anderson talk everything movies in this weekly podcast.


Top 5 Torture Scenes

Anderson and Bryan are oddly excited to talk about the TOP 5 TORTURE...Anderson and Bryan are oddly excited to talk about the TOP 5 TORTURE SCENES. They discuss why each of their choices is effective after flickfessing the films they've seen in the past week. Flickfessions: Five Came Back, Frequencies, Eagles of Death Metal: Not Amis (Our Friends)   Show More

01:47:52 4/21/2017

Past Episodes

Fresh off of his side hustle as a filmmaker, Anderson rejoins Bryan in preparation for summer with the TOP 5 POPCORN FLICKS. After Anderson tells about his experience filming his first feature-length film, they get to work discussing their favorite, big-budget, summer blockbusters of all time. Flickfessions: Mr. Plinkett's Star Wars: Episode I Review, Dig Two Graves, T2 Trainspotting
01:37:02 4/14/2017
During the film's last week of production, Bryan visits the set of "Groupers" armed with a recorder to see how Anderson is holding up. He spends some time talking to Anderson about how the film is coming along as well as what types of challenges he has faced over the past couple of weeks. Bryan also talks with two listeners that volunteered their time to help out on set.
22:44 4/7/2017
Anderson is just finishing up week 2 of Groupers production, so we've dug a recently-referenced classic out of the vault. Michael Biehn sits down with Anderson and Bryan to discuss the TOP 5 CHARACTER ACTORS in what truly is a classic episode of The Film Vault.
01:42:39 3/31/2017
Groupers began production this week, but Anderson and Bryan still found time to answer the questions you asked us online.
01:00:44 3/24/2017
Anderson and Bryan eagerly plan their children's curriculum with the TOP 5 MOVIES WE CAN'T WAIT TO SHOW OUR KIDS. They talk about the movies they have hand-selected to start the next generation of movie lovers. Flickfessions: Kong: Skull Island, Shadow Of Truth
01:25:45 3/17/2017
To pay tribute to the late, great Bill Paxton, Anderson and Bryan are sharing their TOP 5 BILL PAXTON PERFORMANCES. They discuss why he was one of a kind as well as what made his roles so memorable. Flickfessions: Get Out, I Am Big Bird: The Caroll Spinney Story, Follow That Bird, Hunt For The Wilderpeople
01:41:53 3/10/2017
Anderson and Bryan middle down 2016's best films for THE 2017 VAULTIES. They also discuss the Oscars broadcast, including the fiasco at the end. Flickfessions: The LEGO Batman Movie, I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore, O.J.: Made In America, Get Out
02:06:54 3/3/2017
Call your bookie after listening to Anderson and Bryan's TOP 5 OSCAR LOCKS 2017. As they do ever year, they'll each discuss five sure-things to happen at this year's Academy Awards. Flickfessions: 13th, Split, Manchester By The Sea, Wake Up, Ron Burgundy: The Lost Movie, and Fences
01:31:13 2/24/2017
Covering both men and women, the Anderson and Bryan list off the TOP 5 DIVAS. They discuss their favorites of some of the most self-absorbed, difficult characters. Flickfessions: A Serbian Film, John Wick: Chapter 2, I Am Not Your Negro, The Lego Batman Movie, Life, Animated
01:50:40 2/17/2017

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