Driving Entrepreneurs with Ron

Driving, being a courier, and becoming an entrepreneur in Seattle is difficult with traffic, parking and construction; not to mention being able to effectively break in to the market and make the contacts you need with so many seemingly closed circles in your way. Every week Driving Entrepreneurs with Ron will help guide drivers, couriers and entrepreneurs with a variety of topics and experienced industry professionals to become successful with their own business. If you're seeking a more effective way to start a business, become a driver or courier, and are looking for a positive way to give back to your community, then Driving Entrepreneurs with Ron is the podcast for you.


Driving Entrepreneurs with Ron

Driving Entrepreneurs with Ron episode 4

On this week's episode of Driving Entrepreneurs with Ron you'll hear Ron's passion for veterans. Ron has a vision for a Transitional Housing Program for Veterans that will encompass using his business experience to assist veterans in starting their own businesses. There are plenty of opportunities for veterans to network with, and Ron shares some of his favorites ...such as S.C.O.R.E., Boots to Business, V-Wise, the Small Business Administration, military.com, and Hivers & Strivers. He also discusses what it takes to put together a cogent business plan.
00:34:36 8/22/2019

Past Episodes

The initial episode of Driving Entrepreneurs with Ron introduces the topic of getting up and going as a sub-contract driver. There are a few main driving careers out there, whether it's driving people for Uber or Lyft; or driving food, grocery and packages for Caviar, Grub Hub, Door Dash, Amazon, or Fed Ex that need drivers and couriers. Guest on the show, Ben Nagy, one of Ron's mentors who got him in the game of delivery driving, discusses tips that will make you successful as a driver.
00:21:28 8/16/2019
This week's episode of Driving Entrepreneurs has Ron and Gary discuss the ins and outs of getting starting in the delivery driving business, figuring out what you want out of your driving business, and the number of APPs that can save you time and make you more money with your courier business.
00:26:36 8/16/2019
On this week's episode of Driving Entrepreneurs with Ron you'll hear how Ron was mentored in the driving business and how he now mentors others. Being mentored can make a big difference in how successful your driving or courier business can be. Tricks of the trade that come with experience, shortcuts, personal skills, learning the ins and outs of the bureaucracy of the government in which you work can all be learned from a mentor.
00:26:32 8/16/2019

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