Complete Drivel

My name's Christian. I'm 30, gay and usually like to talk about shit that pisses me off as well as general observations.


I Think The Earth Is Flat

I totally buy into the flat earth theory. Prince George with a gun
00:23:35 6/15/2018

Past Episodes

Amazing food combinations and another DJ Scotty Mash up
00:23:22 6/12/2018
Sadly my nan passed away also I'm now a whore on instagram!
00:29:40 6/10/2018
I got sent the most amazing gift ever
00:24:46 5/15/2018
The upcoming royal wedding looks like a TV sitcom
00:27:10 5/14/2018
Just a long list of things that have annoyed me recently.
00:25:49 5/11/2018
One of the most incredible true crime documentaries I have ever seen. Let's talk about it.
00:23:55 5/11/2018
I am gross and messy and live alone so it's fine!
00:26:38 5/8/2018
I am staring in a film. I shot my scenes it was amazing!
00:36:41 5/2/2018
00:33:39 4/25/2018

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