A Plate to Call Home (AUS)

Food is not just about how you cook in the kitchen: it's about where the food comes from, the path for ingredients from farm to plate, the love and passion that goes into making the final dish and the sharing of food with the people important to you. Masterchef judge Gary Mehigan chats to people for whom food is everything - it's the love that goes into sourcing ingredients, creating the recipes and sharing that love of the process with others. Each dish has a much bigger story than just the cooking - each dish becomes A Plate To Call Home.


A Plate to Call Home (AUS)

Jane Kennedy & the funny side of food

She’s most famous for her work with the D-Generation, Working Dog and now as one half of the hugely popular afternoon show on Triple M, but Jane Kennedy is a foodie at heart. With three cookbooks under her name that include the hugely popular “Fabulous Food”, Jane’s attitude is all about having fun in the kitchen while making sure the kids are fed a healthy and delicious meal. Gary Mehigan talks to Jane about her love of food, social media, her life with comedian partner Rob Sitch and how she manages to feed 5 children every day.
00:52:05 9/1/2019

Past Episodes

The hospitality industry has traditionally gone hand in hand with mental health issues. From late nights, stressful days, lack of daylight and sometimes a reliance on drug and alcohol to sustain people, it can take its toll. Nathan Toleman is changing all that. Gary Mehigan chats with Nathan, the owner of several of Melbourne’s most iconic cafes (Top Paddock, Higher Ground, Kettle Black) about his new venture, Common Ground - a farm and cafe just outside of Melbourne where chefs and hospitality workers can go to re-wild themselves and connect with the land, all while growing and harvesting their own veggies to be used in their dishes.
00:37:30 9/1/2019
Pete Evans believes that food should be our first port of call for a healthier life and by embracing it in all its glory we can all become better, healthier and happier versions of ourselves. Gary Mehigan chats with Pete about some of his more controversial views, how his attitudes have changed over the years and that sunscreen incident that landed Pete in some pretty hot water.  
00:55:07 9/1/2019
He’s a famed entrepreneur and ex-lawyer and is arguably responsible for pioneering the coffee culture in Melbourne, now he’s taking his Australian business worldwide. Gary Mehigan chats with Salvatore Malatesta, a huge character known around Melbourne as the ‘coffee king’ (although he prefers to go by ‘Sal’) about life, love and staying young. Sal opened his first café as a uni student in 1996 and now runs multiple cafes across Melbourne including Auction Rooms and St Ali’s.
00:55:59 9/1/2019
She’s a popular tv presenter and journalist seen on the Project, but Gorgi Coghlan is hiding a secret – she’s also a farmer. Gary Mehigan chats with Gorgi about her property on the outskirts of Geelong where she resides with her husband and kids, and the Provincial Hotel B&B of which she knows. They talk about the balance of Gorgi’s career in front of the camera with shovelling horse manure into her trailer at home. Her life is a dichotomy of extremes where every day she dusts off her overalls and travels to the city to be glammed in make up ready for her 7pm appearance. Gorgi explains how farm life keeps her balanced and serene and gives her views on living a brave life.
00:53:05 9/1/2019
I'm really looking forward to sharing some new episodes of A Plate To Call Home with you this coming Monday - September 2nd. I sit down and talk all things food and life with Gorgi Coghlan, Pete Evans, Nathan Toleman, Jane Kennedy and Salvatore Malatesta.   
00:00:54 8/29/2019
Artist, chef and actress Poh Ling Yeow was a contestant on the very first Masterchef in 2009, but what a lot of people don’t know is that Poh grew up as a member of the Mormon religion. After years of questioning her faith, she decided to leave the church and explore the world. Poh shares with Gary Mehigan the cultural guilt she experienced leaving the Mormon church, how cooking simple food with her aunt changed her relationship with food and the rollercoaster the first series of Masterchef took on. 
00:40:35 8/6/2018
Chef and host of My Kitchen Rules, Manu Feildel’s path to food has not been straight forward. From joining the circus at age 13, to dealing with crazy chef’s and making it to the small screen Manu is a born entertainer. He openly speaks about the heartache of his failed restaurant with Gary Mehigan and shares how he had not known his father until they worked together. It’s an emotional and often hilarious chat where Gary, whose known Manu for years, found out so much more than he ever knew about Manu. 
01:01:56 8/6/2018
Businesswoman Janine Allis has seen it all, from working on David Bowie’s boat to creating a billion dollar company and now as a host on TV’s Shark Tank, Janine’s story is as fascinating as they come. Gary Mehigan and Janine discusses how yoga transformed her life, the health benefits of Boost Juice and the controversies surrounding her company. 
00:38:57 8/6/2018
Life on a kibbutz in Israel taught OzHarvest founder Ronni Kahn the power of social movements and how sharing what you have can be a transformational experience. Oz Harvest is a “for-purpose” aimed at solving food waste. Ronni opens up to Gary Mehigan about the death of her brother in law during conscription, her belief in nourishing yourself with things other than money and how she has managed to find meaning in her own life and she hopes, in the lives of others. It’s people like Ronni Kahn who are actively participating in the War on Waste and in this episode you’ll learn how you too can join the cause.
00:45:19 8/6/2018
Kylie Millar was on her way to becoming a physiotherapist when suddenly something inside of her told her she need to try being a chef. Winner of the 2018 Josephine Pignolet award, Kylie Millar has achieved some amazing things in her short career. Her emotional chat with Gary Mehigan reminds us to appreciate our roots and how a simple recipe from our grandmother from can transport us back to our childhood. Gary’s food tips and tricks: How to make a quick caramel sauce at home.https://www.kyliemillar.com.au/
00:36:18 8/6/2018
Three decades ago Alla Wolf Tasker and her husband Allan set up The Lakehouse regional dining experience on the outskirts of a small country town known as Daylesford. Back then the town was little more than a road stop on the way in and out of Melbourne, but now it’s a bustling hive of activity filled with wineries, day spas and a thriving food scene. Now Alla and her daughter Larissa run The Lakehouse and in this episode, the two of them discuss with Gary Mehigan, the tension of running a family business with Gary Mehigan and how they solve disputes when things get a little heated in the kitchen. Plus they admit that as a mother and daughter they said some things in this interview that they had never told each other before.
00:42:05 8/6/2018
Joanna McMillan is a doctor and a nutritionist whose TedX talk has racked up nearly half a million views on YouTube. In the talk Joanna debates why food goes beyond just the nutrients in it and how it can be a gateway to our memories our community our culture. While Joanna and Gary Mehigan may disagree about the benefits of deep fried food (occasionally), the two share a love of nutrition and of food as a symbol of coming home and of feeling connected. Joanna also laments the lack of respect for food that has seemingly overcome our society and the enjoyment that food can bring.
00:38:46 8/6/2018
Tv chef and lawyer Adam Liaw and Gary Mehigan discuss family and food. In this interview Gary and Adam discussed how central and important Adam’s grandmother was in his life. Since the recording of this interview, sadly, Adam’s grandmother passed away somewhat unexpectedly. What you’ll hear is a time capsule of Adam’s feelings about her and the depth and meaning she brought to his and his family’s life. It’s a reminder for us all to cherish those we love with all our hearts because you never know what tomorrow might bring.
00:31:50 8/6/2018
Paul West is the presenter of the Australian remake of River Cottage and the way he found himself as the host of the show is quite extraordinary. A farmer from Tassie who worked at Vue De Monde for a stint until he decided he needed a change and left for greener pastures with his family. Paul wants to encourage people to learn how to garden and believes in the adage “if you don’t cook, you don’t care”. His aim is to change the way we relate to our food and wants to bring the experience of cooking what you grow into homes all around Australia. Paul explains to Gary Mehigan how his role as presenter of River Cottage would eventually give him the opportunity to teach people the wonders of food through television and show people that growing your own food can be a life changing experience. 
00:51:17 8/6/2018

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