Hey Frase, a DC Podcast featuring Sarah Fraser
Hey Frase 179
Sarah and Paul discuss how to handle listener feedback that implied there's a power struggle going at the Hey Frase Podcast! This is the number one question that women ask at wax salon and it will SHOCK you! Sarah is having baby fever, and Paul shares the most HILARIOUS catfishing story! Plus we weigh in on Tom Brady, Huma Abedin, and the women who got men to send her $5 on Tinder.
Hey Frase 178
Sarah and Paul discuss Tomi Lahren and why Sarah thinks its ridiculous Tomis show is suspended. Hey Frase listener Danielle Burns guest hosts the show. The 4 common habits people think are polite but they're really rude, and the show takes a left turn when Paul decides to share some personal news about the first love of his life. The Hey Frase show is anything goes to entertain and inspire!
Hey Frase 177
Sarah discusses her decision to get botox, lip injections, and a chemical peel. She's wondering if she can be mindful and body positive while still getting cosmetic procedures? Paul Wharton was 'drunk' with power at a Vanessa Williams concert. The first ever tri-custody agreement, how to survive being swarmed by ATV's and motorcycles on a highway, and will you watch the Mischa Barton sex tape?