The Chick McGee Show
CMS 98 - The Great Candy Debate
What started out as a fun episode with a Beck vs. Beyonce discussion, white-hot love talk, and wondering why the opinions of others is so important quickly turned south when Chick and Jess turned on Kaitlyn for hating a certain peanut butter and chocolate delicacy. Find out what candy caused the major debate and vote for your top three Halloween candies on this week's Chick McGee Show podcast.
CMS 98 - The Paranoid Episode
Chick and Jess reveal how Instagram sponsored posts REALLY work. The crew starts a new documentary series called, My Shitty Opinion, and recount their shoplifting (or lack thereof) experiences. Listen in as the trio tries to guess their Enneagram type!
CMS 97 - Yes... We're Back!
What we have been doing is our own business. Please sit back and enjoy!