The Business of Sports: NFL Business Podcast
Andrew's 'Salary Cap' 101
This week , Andrew Brandt goes in-depth on a 'MasterClass' type discussion explaining the NFL Salary Cap including: - What is a salary Cap (1:20) - Cap Myths (2:39) - Why does the NFL have a Salary Cap? (5:31) - Is the NFL a Hard Cap? (13:18) - What is pro-ration as it relates ot the Salary Cap? (15:09) - The Cap hit to the Eagles with the Carson Wentz trade (16:08) - Why its better to front load the cap? (21:30)
Greg Genske - MLB Agent
Greg Genske, CEO of VaynerBaseball joins Andrew on this week's podcast to talk about Baseball free agency & his client Justin Turner: - MLB Free Agency vs. the NFL & NBA. (7:09) - Why Justin Turner signed with the Dodgers & how close he came to joining another team. (10:57) - The ongoing labor issues between MLB & MLBPA (18:08) - Turner's positive COVID test during the 2020 World Series & Greg's role throughout the ordeal (21:23) - Why there is no salary cap in Major League Baseball (26:51)
Brant's Rants: Why Super Bowl Ratings Don't Matter
This week on the Business Of Sports Podcast, Andrew 'Rants' on the following: - Why the lower television ratings from Super Bowl LV should not be alarming to anyone, especially the league office. (2:49) - Russell Wilson's recent comments and his future in Seattle. (7:51) - The latest on the Eagles/Wentz trade front. (13:55)