The Business of Sports: NFL Business Podcast
Bill Polian
This week, Andrew shares an interview he recorded back in June of 2020 with legendary NFL executive Bill Polian. They discuss several topics including the team owners he worked for including: - Ralph Wilson in Buffalo (12:51) - Jerry Richardson in Carolina (25:30) - Jim Irsay in Indianapolis (28:04) Andrew & Bill also talk about the end of Peyton Manning's tenure with the Colts (30:42), minority opportunities in the NFL (43:02), Colin Kaepernick's NFL job prospects/activism (49:51), & their time together at ESPN (56:37)
Brandt's Rants: David Bakhtiari, NBA Free Agency
On this week's podcast, Andrew Rants about the Green Bay Packers signing David Bakhtiari to a 4 year contract extension (1:14). Andrew also goes in-depth on NBA free agency, specifically James Harden wanting out of Houston (9:51).
Bakari Sellers
CNN Political commentator Bakari Sellers talks with Andrew about the 2020 Presidential Election, specifically ... - The enormous voter turnout (2:21) - Why the pollsters got it wrong (5:01) - Will the Electoral College ever go away? (11:49) - The Biden transition (14:08) - Gridlock & Divisiveness in Congress ( 17:24) - Attacks on the Media (18:53) - Activism by pro athletes to encourage voting & other social issues. (25:20)