The Business of Sports: NFL Business Podcast
Brandt's Rants 9/30/20
This week is a Brandt's Rants edition of the Business Of Sports podcast. Andrew shares his thoughts on this week's biggest stories including: - The return of College Football (2:48) - The Tennessee Titans COVID outbreak (9:20) - Why NFL Ratings don't really matter (13:14) - Does Tyrod Taylor have a legal claim? (15:42)
Dr. David Chao - @ProFootball Doc
Former Chargers team physican, Dr. David Chao talks with Andrew on a wide range of topics including: - The responsibillities of a team physician (4:50) - Junior Seau (10:00) - How concussion protocols have evolved (15:58) & the 'Edelman' rule (21:30) - Tyrod Taylor's punctured lung (25:30) - 2020 injuries...more than normal, or just higher profile names? (40:30) - Grass vs Turf injuries ( 47:15) - Covid & the NFL (52:51)  
PJ Washington & Joe De Perio
Charlotte Hornets PJ Washington has teamed up with SportBLX to offer investment shares on his future earnings. On this week's episode, Andrew talks with PJ & Sport BLX co-founder Joe De Perio about the relationship, how to invest, & the future of investing in pro athletes. Connect with the Pod: