Even Money: NFL Gambling Podcast
2021 NFL Futures Bets
This week, Ross Tucker & Steve Fezzik tell you how to bet the NFL QB movement (4:43), QB MVP odds (7:01), NFL Draft Futures (16:08), SuperBowl/ Conference Championship futures (20:22), & more. - Presented by @DKSportsBook - linktr.ee/EvenMoneyPod
Betting Lessons Learned from the 2020 NFL Season
This week on the EvenMoney podcast, Ross Tucker & Steve Fezzik look at the betting lessons learned from the 2020 NFL season including: - NFL teams affected by COVID (5:08) - Home Field Advantage (7:40) - Two point conversion attempts. Will they increase or decrease in 2021? (10:16) - Key numbers changing? (19:15) RossTucker.com/Sponsors linktr.ee/EvenMoneyPod
Recapping Ross & Steve's Super Bowl LV Bets
On this week's podcast, Ross & Steve recap their Super Bowl LV bets & prop bets. They also discuss the impact of Andy Reid's timouts & Chiefs penalties throughout the game. RossTucker.com/Sponsors linktr.ee/EvenMoneyPod