Fantasy Feast: NFL Fantasy Football Podcast's Scott Barrett
Scott Barrett from joins RossTucker & Joe Dolan on this week's podcast talking 'BestBall,' specifically: - Drafting Defenses & Kickers (9:30) - What is stacking & which positions to stack (15:27) - Drafting the right position in the right round (17:14) - When to draft quarterbacks in BestBall. (28:35)
What is Best Ball & how to play it?
Ross Tucker & Joe Dolan talk 'Best Ball' on this week's podcast, specifically: - What is 'Best Ball' & how to play this version of Fantasy Football. (2:47) - Why we love the format. (11:27) - Different 'Best Ball' strategies. (12:44) - Optimal 'Best Ball' Roster construction. (19:48)
Ross & Joe's Post SB thoughts + 2021 Best Ball season
This week on the FEAST, Ross Tucker & Joe Dolan look back at Super Bowl LV (5:09), recap their Prop bets (16:14), & look ahead to the offseason dynasty/Best Ball drafts. (21:25).