The Good Life with Stevie & Sazan
What's up fam!? God is in the house today, and can we just be honest? Sit back, relax and join us for a heartfelt episode all about the goodness of God and how He's really changed our life. We hope that this episode inspires many of you to open the door when you hear that knock. Would you also do us a favor? Share with us how this episode inspired you by leaving us a rating a review. We love hearing from you after personal episodes like this and hope that if you're reading this, you will leave a rating and review down below! Love you all! Vetericyn - Learn more about the technology behind ALL-IN and get 25% off plus free shipping on  your order at ? Thinx - To learn more about Thinx underwear that absorbs your period, visit ? and use our special code SAZAN to get $10 off your first pair! Rothy's - go to to get your new favorite flats in time for the holidays. Bombas - Go to and get twenty percent off any purchase during their big holiday sale, November 18th through December 5th!