The Good Life with Stevie & Sazan
A game changing strategy for getting ahead
Jim Kwik said, how you do anything is how you will do everything. and on today's episode it's all about structure. We are going to give you the secret ingredient to a winning week - regardless of your job, living situation, or current walk of life.. PS we have some big news to share about our moving plans! Come hang with us it's about to get GOOD! GOOD AMERICAN - go to <a href= target=_self></a>, you'll get 20% off your full order, sale items and all! RUGGABLE - get 15% OFF and FREE shipping by going to <a href= target=_self></a>  REN SKINCARE - for a limited time, listeners get 20% off all full-size items including Perfect Canvas at <a href= target=_self></a> using code SAZAN  ANCESTRY - Go to <a href= target=_self></a> today for 20% off y our AncestryDNA kit.